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Womb Wisdom Mala

This Mala was birthed on the harvest moon on the 13th September 2019, full moon in Pisces. It is ideal for those that work with and connect to the sacred feminine, pregnancy/birth, midwifery or red tent circles. It embodies the energy and sacredness of the womb and growth of life which is born from the watery depths of oneself.

It may help the individual with illumination of the wisdom that is held within the womb. It may help the individual with going into the watery depths of themselves and others so that the messy emotions can be transformed and one might then act from a place of feminine wisdom rather than emotional turbulence.

It goes to where all that is held sacred in a woman; the womb. Where growth, transformation and new life begins. Helping the individual with getting in touch with their womb, its sacredness, its wisdom and its energy of the sacred feminine.

It helps to cocoon the individual with feminine love, nurturing and compassion as they ignite within them their own wisdom through a growth process and new birthing of themselves.

It has a deep connection to women and the sacredness of pregnancy, birth, rebirth, motherhood and the menstruation cycle. Supporting women through these life cycles and changes in body, mind and spirit as they journey to new stages of life from creating it to living it

Made with various sized gemstones of Carnelian, Ruby in Zoisite, Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper, Malachite, Shiva Lingam and a Stirling sliver Ruby pendant at the guru bead.

Carnelian – For the sacral chakra and the womb itself. Used for helping to assist in overcoming sexual or feminine abuse of any kinds from past lives or present ones. To encourage courage and creativity to be expressed more through one’s wombs wisdom as well as community and connection with others in sacred circle. It helps to clarify the individuals voice so that they may speak of their wisdom in a divine feminine way rather than through turbulent emotions. Physically it may help with menstruation, menopause, fertility and the reproductive and sexual organs; it also may help with detoxification of the womb or through the womb.

Ruby – For passion, protection and prosperity. So that one may have the passion in life and within the self to go deeper and work positively. It helps to increase vitality and the chi flow within the body. It also helps to increase desire and sexual energy; it is associated with love and passionate commitment. On a physical aspect it helps with the menstrual flow, relieving pain in menstruation, it is helpful during pregnancy and birth and may help with the formation of the embryonic state.

Ruby in Zoisite – For vitality, growth and stimulating the heart to open to one’s own wisdom; by connecting your heart chakra with your sacral and base chakra. Helps the individual to work through grief, suppressed anger and other turbulent emotions that are being held in the womb. It helps to activate healing from within.

Poppy Jasper – Assists in cheerfulness and reminding the individual to work with humanity and community to help each other out. It also helps the individual with working with their wisdom within the community and being a person, the community can come to for help.

Red Jasper – Known as the supreme nurturer and stone of passion. It is a great protective stone for both the physical and spiritual realms. It encourages wisdom, courage and endurance. It can stimulate the chi energy within the body and assist in stamina as well as help to stabilize the emotions within. It works well at harmonizing and helping both the base and sacral chakra to work cohesively together so that they are running smoothly so the energy flow can continue to the next chakra. It may also help with physically increasing one’s libido and fertility, helps to detoxify the blood and helpful for issues of anemia in times of menstruation.

Malachite – Known as the midwifes stone it is a stone well known for its connection to the womb during labor and may assist with the physical contractions in birth. It can be helpful to those with female issues in the womb, especially with cramping and menstruation. It may help the individual in their spiritual growth as it draws out emotions and impurities that are unwanted or no longer needed in the energy field. It is for deep healing and transformation on all levels. It teaches inward responsibly to yourself and the use of one’s wisdom.

Shiva Lingam – Is a seeker and transformer stone. Assist those with finding a new way or new path after transformation. It increases prana and vitality within the individual. Ideal for those that are pregnant, trying to fall pregnant or those that need assistance with issues that lay within the womb and sacral chakra.

All malas are channeled/individual handmade pieces. If this piece calls to you, feel free to contact me.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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