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Snap Shot 2022

The lovers and pathways of choice.

The year of lovers, duality and the path of two ways. Here we have the coming together of both a master number 22 and total energy of 6.

In tarot this represents The Lovers. Although most people might see this card as the image of romance and coming together. It in fact has a deeper meaning for the collective. When we see the lovers appear it is asking us a deeper question of moral choice and choosing the right pathway. When we look at The Lovers we must also look at the card they reappear in which is The Devil.

After a year of the energy being ruled over by The Hierophant (2021 you can see more on that here) the collective faced governmental bodies and orthodox institutions. Now we are in the year 2022 where choice will play a major role if this continues.

Choices are the key hidden aspect here that the collective will really need to pay attention to. Choices made by individuals in the year or 2021 will now be reaped in 2022. Each individual will be dealing with the choices they made in 2021 and this includes the collective. The path you chose in 2021 was leading you into 2022 and based on which way you chose to go; this will be highlighted remarkably in this year ahead. Did you conform or did you not conform? Either choice will have both light and dark connotations to have to content with.

Towards the end of 2021 we have already started to see individuals’ choices and how these choices have impacted on if they refuse or accept other persons choices if they differ from their own. We have started to see families divide and exclude other members for their health choices, we have seen certain members of the community be segregated against for their choices. Those thinking they could be free by following governmental bodies and orthodox institutions and following “social norms” are now having to submit even further and on top of being given the same or similar restriction to those that didn’t. Those that didn’t summit to following governmental bodies and orthodox institutions and following “social norms” are having to pay the price for not conforming in numerous other ways and have become second class citizens.

Is there duality or are you choosing duality?

The choices we make as a collective will inevitable long live our reign and affect those that come after us. It leads to the question of what are your choosing? and how does your choices impact the future at both a personal level and a collective?

All decisions that are made here on earth have both a moral and spiritual consequence. Your choices become your consequences and the year of The Lovers really highlights this; but it also highlights very clearly your pathway back to divinity and if you have kept your choices in alignment with your soul. Interpersonal relationshops will be tested if they have not already been tested towards the end of 2021. How you choose to treat another will be weighted. Be that in the now with your time on earth or when you transcend to the beyond. Karma will play its role, no one is exempt; including the lovers.

There are both inner and outer conflicts that you are going to have to face. Your personal values and belief are going to be tested. If you have made decisions in 2021 based on instant gratification or to gain something back then you will need to be mindful not to push your anger onto others for the choice you made. Your consequences are yours and just because someone has not done the same as you doesn’t make it their fault, that you are now having to deal with the consequences from the choices you made.

The Lovers highlight for the collective to deeply understand to love thy neighbors, love thy friends and family regardless of their personal choices towards their own health and life pathway; regardless of our own personal opinions, perceptions or choices. It is only through the mastery and acceptance of two pathways that marriage of the lovers can occur.

A key message for the collective here with the lovers is to ask who is pulling your chains as we

can clearly see in The Devil card where they

reappear and who is deciding for you what you should think and feel? The demons and darkness are the ones pulling the chains and if you are not willing to make the hard choice to not allow them to choose for you; then you will be led by the beast. Battling the tycoon and the demons of darkness will be necessary in the battle of The Great War. It will be up to you to think critically, use your knowledge and personal wisdom and power to make the choices and decision in your own life and gain that power back by taking off the chains.

The tycoons and demons of darkness is a third party that is trying with all their might to pressurize and gain control on your interpersonal relationships and certain situations. The beast wants you chained through fear, illusion, separations, loathing of anyone that can remind you of your own fears and use emotional manipulation as the tool to make it happen. The beast wants to pitch family members against family members, friends against friends. HEART FELT CONCIOUSNESS is the only thing that will overcome this issue. The coming together of two pathways and acceptance of each person’s decisions regarding their chosen pathway is what will bring back unity and passion within the collective. Any great relationship will allow the individual to make their own personal decisions and pathways whilst working together to create a mutual one that both parties agree upon; the community and collective need to understand that the pathways of each individual must not be the same but rather accepted and heart felt consciousness to those individuals’ decisions is necessary.

There will need to be big decisions made on all fronts, be that at the personal, relationship level and your health. But also, the financial level, the lovers remind you to think twice about what will financially be beneficial to you. Do you really need that new car, the speed boat the big fancy upgraded phone? It’s really asking you to be balanced with your approach to all things. When you make a choice about a pathway one will lead to a door the other will be long term commitment. Are your purchases and choices being done for a short-term reward? If so then you may need to think twice.

In the lovers is the tree of knowledge it represents temptation and physical senses which will lead to human suffering. All individuals’ have a choice to eat the fruit or not. Will you take the fruit or will you transcend to God/The Universe? The lovers are highlighting a choice will need to be made between the heart and the mind and the choice may have ethical implications. The lovers are asking that your choices be made ethically. The seeking of bliss and freedom may cost you in unanticipated events. The choices you make today could be felt by your blood lines to come.

The lovers are ruled by Gemini. When we look at Gemini are we looking at lovers, brothers and sisters or friends? I would say this covers all regardless, as they are bound together. Gemini rules the third house which is all about communication and expression as well as intellectual thinking and listening. Gemini urges us to take notice on our perceptions and the way the worlds is communicating with us. Are you fulfilling yourself with only one source of information about issues? Are you taking on only certain opinions or standpoints? Is that the reason issues are occurring within your interpersonal relationships? I’d say so…Everyone has a perception of how they think the world should look and behave, but just because the individual thinks it should be one way doesn’t mean that others can’t proceed their own way. Uniting these two pathways through love is essential and living in a way of greater acceptance when things don’t make sense to you. Because they may very well make sense to someone else. It is asking that you go beyond opinion and place no judgment upon another if you are not willing to do it to yourself in a mirror. Life is to walk with heart and these experiences are remembered in the heart. So, make them beautiful between yourself and others.

Information and communication has a vast platform these days and if you are limiting yourself you are limiting your pathway forwards and your potential unfoldment. It is asking you to stay in motion with the information coming in and not become suborn or stuck on one source. Be open minded and use your intellect to be disconcerting, don’t rush through this information, pick through it like a fine-tooth comb. Never let your mind become abandoned and never stop it from growing. Most of all never let another be “the man in charge” of your own mind. After all the mind will play a large role in decision making and risk vs reward choice and outcome.

At a soul level for the collective, it is asking you to understand what it is you came here to do. You are to unravel yourself, gather clues necessary for your own pathway and see how that pathway works within the collective itself. Each pathway is unique and no two twins are 100% the same, there is always slight differences and uniqueness about them and this is the same for you and the rest of the world. Your pathway might not look identical to others and that is 100% ok! Your pathway is yours and your choices make your pathway.

The year 2022 comes to the number 6. The number 6 is all about your personal health and what

brings constitution to your own pathway forwards. 2021 asked for you to be prepared to not necessarily follow the masses, it asked this of you, so you may find this year 2022 easier to embrace what it is that your own pathway requires of you at a soul level. Where you give your attention and energy this year will manifest quickly. If you focus on an ailment, you will get ailments, if you focus on healing, you will get healing, if you focus on health, you will get health. Learn to be committed to yourself and your own goals what ever they may look like. Remember that this cycle happening now will set you up for the future. Are you thinking long term or for quick and instant gratification and reward?

Coming back to that beast you saw in The Devil card we would be careful to realize that the 6 repeated becomes 666. Which is the devil itself or the anti-Christ. We heading to a time of Anti-Christ and our way out of this issue is through heart felt consciousness much like Jesus Christ, despite those that perpetrated him he still loved them, despite the segregation he experienced, he still loved them, despite his differences in opinion or belief, he still loved them, despite his traumas he stayed true to his pathway and allowed his soul to guide him. If you are sitting in fear, you are not sitting with God/The Universe, if you are sitting with hatred, you are not sitting with God/The Universe. If you are condemning a man, you are not sitting with God/The Universe. There for you are allowing the number 6 to be repeated. That is a choice you are making and choices have consequences either good or bad.

Repetition is easy, simply look through human history. If you do not want history to be repeated then one must choose to do their life differently now. The same is applied at the personal and interconnected collective. What are you choosing for yourself? What are you choosing for the future or future generations? What are you choosing as a collective? Are you choosing chains? Are you choosing pathways forwards or closed doors?

In the The Devil you can see the beast. But in The Lover is an Archangel. Archangel Raphael is considered to be one of the most important angels as he helps the whole of humanity (the collective). He is sometimes known as the angel of compassion, something that is really being implored this year ahead. He asks that you show compassion to your lovers and brothers, sisters here on Earth, for he wants to see humanity prevail and not make the choice of duality and persecution of each other’s choices for you are all gods children. He has special interests in communication, healing, creativity and knowledge. So, he asks that you use your communication and mind well to create healing and creative expressions of yourself this year. Express your truest calling and do it passionately with love. Those that do Earth work are asked to really vamp up their connection here and do the work for the collective to help change the course that Earth is heading in.

People rarely realize that the energy of 6 holds a lot of power. Most people in positions of power abuse such power. So, humans tend to hold fear where there is power. With great power comes greater responsibility which is exuberated through one’s moral choices. Therefore, are you scared of your own power? Your own pathway forward? This year is really asking you to accept your own power in your pathway and fate. In choices there is power. What choices have you made and are you willing to make? Where are you putting your power? The energy of 6 is asking that you open you power. Are you making choices that are congruent with your pathway that your soul is asking of you? Are you giving away your own power in situations regarding the tycoon and the beast?

The energy of 6 is asking you to embody the heart and your heart consciousness. It is a powerful energy and number of compassion and empathy. It can be the beating heart of light in hard times. It is unconditional love and the energy of speaking up for those that do not have a voice. The 6 is an awakener that will fiercely defend the spiritual and emotional balance of things. It encourages mutual respect and mutual connections in relationshops, so it will be there helping the collective to bring this quality into the times when interpersonal relationships will be tested or when the collective will be tested.

A 6 contains two threes which creates the embodiment of six. So, understanding again of those two pathways (3+3=6) that create the single digit of 6. Both those 3's are needed for creating the unity which becomes a 6. The hidden message of the 3 in the 6 is communication. What are you communicating with the universe? What are you asking of it? what are you communicating about your pathway? It can also give you the power to find your tribe; the people that have the same views and are willing to communicate with you and for you. Much like the energy of Gemini, it is through communication that one may also better understand their kin and foe when they have vastly different points of view so they may come to a mutual respect and love for one another.

The energy of 6 is also highlighting that health issues may become apparent for some; these health issues will be as a result of your choices made in 2021. Heart issues, nervous system issues are highlighted along with auto immune issues and gut issues.

As mentioned, before we have the master number of 22 sitting there in the year. The master

number of 22 is the architect and builder. It’s such a powerful number that can turn your choices and dreams into a reality. It wants you to realize although there might be mixed emotions within the collective and your own pathway, you are your own master; do not allow others to master over you. Mastery comes from within not through an external person or position of power. So master your own power. Master number 22 comes down to the very physicality of your life and living through mastery in your everyday life. It is through your everyday life and choices that you make that will manifest things. It is that age old saying “if you build it they will come” so what are you building? At a personal level but also as a collective. It also talks of a time when those whom are peacefully sleeping may wake abruptly. So be sure to show them some compassion, lots of people will be having “ah ha” moments. Take some time on the 2/2/2022, 2/4/2022 to be meditating as well as 2/11/2022, 11/11/2022. Really connect into these energies this year and use it as a manifesting tool to create the reality you really want. Everything that you create this year can last an eternity of a time. So, what are you choosing?

The solar plexus and third eye are being highlighted also. The power center and the intuition center. They are being activated and highlighted because the year ahead required you to be powerful and confident in your decisions and to use your intuition and mind in making the decisions necessary that are congruent with your own pathway and souls, that will ultimately affects the collective, so once again the two pathways must meet as one.

Your choices affect the collective and the collective affects your choices. Who is pulling your

chains this year? Take them back from the beast. Do not judge another’s choices, judgment leads to block growth. Your judgement has no place upon another in their choices for your perceptions of right and wrong has been programed into you and by who exactly? The choices another makes might just be perfect for them. The year ahead may be fully of choices, these choices are yours but so too are the consequences that result from such choices.

©Homestead Healing Centre – Tara

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