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Terms of Service 

Please ensure that all parties and participants have read and understood the terms of service and disclaimer of Homestead Healing Centre. By using the webpage, services and products provided by Homestead Healing Centre and Tara-Danae you are agreeing to them. It is souly your responsibility to regularly take the time to review all terms of services and disclaimer, as Homestead Healing Centre and Tara-Danae reserve the right to add, change or update them as they see fit.


All services, information and products provided on Homestead Healing Centre is for general use, information and purposes. Homestead Healing Centre and Tara-Danae states that they are not a licensed health care or medical provider and if you need a diagnosis on mental or physical illness or medication then seek a registered health care provider. Therefore, all services, information and products provided by Homestead Healing Centre and Tara-Danae is considered spiritual and a form of self-help and should be used with discretion and at your own risk. It is your personal duty of care to yourself and your responsibility to seek licensed medical advice for all mental disorders/illness or physical health issues. Therefore, Homestead Healing Centre and Tara-Danae will not be held responsible or a contributor to any mental state or physical issues you may have.


All purchases and participating bodies involving themselves with Homestead Healing Centre, services and products must be over the age of eighteen years or accompanied by an adult at all times. When it comes to all materials, services or products posted to you by Homestead Healing Centre Tara-Danae has yours or the owner’s consent to do so and it is being posted to a legitimate body/person/company.


All information, graphics and written material are all produced by Homestead Healing Centre/Tara Danae unless noted with references. Any other information, graphic and written material are referenced to the owners or copyright free. If you happen to come across a photo, image or written piece you feel breaches these rules please contact us immediately via email.


All written information, workshops, products, services, meditations and images sent from or seen on the webpage and in house belongs to Homestead Healing Centre and Tara. No one has the right to copy, change, rewrite, photocopy or any other action that may infringe the copyright laws; they are not to be distributed to another party without written and signed consent.

Cancellation & Payment Policy 

All rescheduling must be done with more than 48 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment. All late rescheduling, cancellations and failure to appear at a scheduled session will incur a 50% charge of the scheduled sessions price.

All cancellations of attendance to workshops, failure to attend or failure to complete the length of the workshop forfeits your deposit. Rescheduling to another workshop time and date will incur a 50% charge of

the original workshops price. Workshops require a minimum of 2 participants to commence, in the event that only 1 participant is attending then an option of a full refund or deferral to next workshop/training date is available.

All payments for services and products are to be paid on the day. Payments can be made via Eftpos, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) on the day or full cash payment. 

Refund Policy 

Exchanges are not accepted. 

Refunds are only given within 7 days from purchase date and at the buyers expense of returning the item. The item must be in the same condition as it left the store. 

Damage to you product that has occurred during shipping warrants a refund. Photo evidence is required for this to occur; including the state of the package upon its arrival, photos of the item(s) that have incurred damage. All damaged items will need to be shipped back in order to receive a full refund, otherwise only a partial refund may occur. 

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