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Pluton has arrived here in the Barossa Valley. So naturally just a small expression of the energies I am getting from this color combination for the collective.

The enabling of moving forwards in ascension of ones’ own pathway. Rising up again and again allowing the rebirthing process to occur. Through the chaos a new way of life, a new life is born, a new direction taken and found. A new expression of ones’ own energies in a different fashion and a different way.

Letting go of what was and moving into what is now. Letting go and moving through ones’ own timeline with the ability to continually rebirth oneself through the plutonian energies. Letting go of the resistance to do so and accepting if one’s own destiny and pathway through choice and unfoldment. A deep understanding that all births, deaths and rebirths allow for complete transformation of one’s own energies and frequencies. Rising to then transmit that to the external world around them, greatly affecting the outer world and all the timelines.

“We can choose not to identify with the fears and triggers existent in the outer world, the possibility exists to come to an understanding of a deep truth within ourselves.”

A deep acceptance can arise when we let go of our expectation of the world, of others and our perceptions of life which have been developed through our own trauma and experiences of the world. Bring to us our own awareness of our own pathway and how that pathway subsequently affects others regardless; purely through our own existence on the planet.

Standing true to ones’ own pathway, letting fear slip away as we drop into our hearts to accept ourselves truly as we are without adaptation. Empowerment within one self, through ones’ own pathway, expression of our own pathway with confidence and from the heart.

Understanding that nothing is truly stolen from us. For we have everything we need within. This is where our wealth lies, our seeds, our wisdom, our compassion and our compass. Our truest feelings all sit abundantly within and it is our journey to walk that path so those outwardly in the world are affected through our existence and expression; because when we do so it causes less trauma on ourselves and others.

Understanding our impact and how explosively that can affect the next. Being responsible for this impact and understanding that each action sets a chain of events for humanity. What one does not fulfil or does not fulfil now will be carried to the next life or the lives that come after us.

Deepening the understanding that our pathway is our responsibly, to live that pathway truthfully and truly; allowing the unfoldment to better the world.

©Homestead Healing Centre 2021

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