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You feel good when you take care of yourself...

Tara offers a wide variety of holistic and non intrusive complementary therapies to support you through life. These therapies are designed to bring wellness, balance, peace and nurturing to all facets of the individual. Each therapy technique works in supporting you in the best way possible to live a fulfilling life. 




Tara works with men and women from all walks of life, she doesn’t discriminate; she shows great compassion, respect, understanding and values all those that come through the clinic. She has worked with a large spectrum of ages, ranging from children as young as 5. Her motherhood journey enabled her the skills to talk and connect with the younger generation; including those difficult teenage years. She has even worked with the older generation, including people up into their 70’s and assisted those facing transition into the afterlife.

All those that have never been to the clinic before are asked to book as a 'New Client'. This enables them to have a longer initial session time for 2 hours, so that Tara can work with you and explore the best course of action to support you in your journey.  

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