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2021 The Hierophant

I am not going to lie, when I worked out the collective energy for 2021 was the hierophant. I literally said “oh this is going to be an interesting year!” especially with what we have collectively gone through in 2020 and will go through in 2021. I try not to be too controversial; I try to not be too blunt. So, if you find some of these words concerning, controversial or blunt, My apologies in advance but I will still speak my truth, for 2021 certainly will ramp up the need to really know your divine truth, morals and be ready to stand by those no matter what. 2020 geared us up for this, 2021 will be the challenge to see it through.

It is one thing to know tarot, to know its traditional meanings for the cards, it’s another thing to be able to look at the shadow aspect of energies the card represents and how that may affect the collective and human life. I am not going to say that 2021 is going to be all shiny and roses. I am not going to say that 2021 will be easy for everyone. In fact, it will be challenging to say the least. It will challenge your very core, your inner truth, your morals and your beliefs. The hierophant collectively reigns over 2021, which means its energy will affect all of us at some level. Nobody will be exempt. There is a dark undertone with the energy of the hierophant and it represents orthodox institutions in positions of power and the oppressive nature towards any individual who choose to stray from that orthodox institution.

Looking at the shadow side of the hierophant energy will not necessarily bring peace. In fact, it will ask you to conform without question. It represents a greater authority and in the case of the worlds mayhem it represents a government body and all orthodox institutions. The hierophants shadow energy talks of deception, concealment and the distortion of truth for gaining power. It will come in the disguise of “protection” but under that façade is negative intentions and will have negative results for the future.

With the hierophant’s shadow energies in play for 2021 the shadow side shows there will be mass pressure to conform to a group rather than to be your individual self. It will pressurize you to follow “the mans” words or agenda. It will demand you follow the “present norm” to become a member of the majority so that you will be given approval by the government and orthodox institutions and maybe even social groups. Without conformity there will be persecution of others, unfair persecution of those that have chosen for themselves to not conform. The dark questions that one must ask themselves is, if you really want to follow the masses blindly and set your own morals, belief and knowledge aside. But also ask yourself are your relying on an external figure or institution to define to you what is right and wrong and are you trying to conform to that definition imposed upon you.

The hierophant energy will implore you on a personal level to really know your divine truth and warns you to not allow that inner truth to be corrupted and dictated to through any orthodox institution (this includes your governments agendas). It will demand you to answer the question, are you placing too much emphasis on social and societal approval instead of following your own divine truth, knowledge and morals. This cards energy collectively is really shouting of the inclined nature of the need to fit into some form of indoctrination and group identification, perhaps even to the detriment and bondage of societal conventions.

This energies of this card will really drive home the lesson of conformity and non-conformity. The individual will find themselves in one of these two categories. It is the collective lessons of freedom vs conformity. Are you going to be in the minority or the majority?

On a lighter note of the hierophant reminds us that we are free, freedom is a choice that is our when not given away to those in power, the moment we give our power away to another, we are no longer free. The hierophants energy encourages people to apply understanding and compassion towards anyone who chooses what is right for them. It reminds us that people are allowed to choose for themselves; this includes their religion, the clothes they wear, what they eat and put in their bodies, what they read, what they find right for them. Individuals should be free to choose for themselves without dogma and stigma and if they choose the path less travel than by the masses, that is their god given right. No one has authority over another individual to make them conform or choose blindly. Their path is their path not ours to choose for them. We may walk beside them but we must never cohere them. What is “right” and what is “righteous” should only be defined by the individual and not a group or society.

The hierophant on a spiritual level is also asking you to really connect into the heavenly energies and brings them to Earth in a very grounded fashion so that you may work with and live spiritual while in physical form. It asks that you not only open up to spirit but to work with spirit daily and to weave that energy into your day-to-day movements and thinking. You are a divine being, having an Earthly experience. It reminds us that spirit is everywhere, not just in spiritual buildings. That spirit can be found in the simplest things from a flower to an ant and even inside of us. Our intent alone can connect us to spirit, we do not need a building to “talk to god”.

The hierophant is governed by Taurus which is ruled by Venus. The energy of these two aspects of The Hierophant is asking you to think about your body, how you take care of your body; the vehicle that is holding your spirit for this journey. Do not put things in the body that makes it sick, think about how you need to love your body and who you are as a person; outside validation is not needed when you truly love yourself.

Taurus urges you to think practical and logical about things and not get too hot tempered about situations, to remain calm like Ferdinand the bull who likes to smell the flowers instead. Taurus is also encouraging you to know your worth and have a healthy self-esteem, do not allow others decision to make you like a bull in a china shop. Know you are knowledgeable and know you are capable of making the right decision that govern your life, your body and your spiritual journey.

You might also find that the bull rarely listens to others and tends to do his own thing, he follows his own path and you certainly cannot dictate to a bull what to do, so you need to think about how this might apply to yourself in 2021. Are you allowing yourself to be dictated to? Are you taking orders that are not in alignment to your path, are you taking orders that are going against your morals? When you think of a bull, it holds authority in a paddock and can certainly make you run if you press on his tempered side. So, the bull is once again reminding you that you are your own authority and to not give your authority or freedoms away to any person, orthodox institutions or government.

The energy of Venus is all about love. So how you love your body, how you love others and how you love your journey in 2021. It also teachers that there is no discrimination if love is applied to all and all situations. The self-love journey is one of the hardest ones, so if this is what you are facing this year be gentle on yourself and know the more you love about yourself the better off you will be. Looking for love, seeking approval or acceptance outside of yourself this year isn’t going to cut it. The love you are seeking has to come from inside of you. Love is what is needed to get you through 2021, spirit is love, you are love. So, make sure you act like it, even towards yourself. Once you love yourself and love the decision you have made about your life, you know they are the right ones for you and this feeling cannot be swayed by outside influences.

2021 Numerology

2021 comes to a 5. Number 5 has some interesting associations with it and some of these are freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom of worship and how these freedoms may experience challenges and change.

Number 5 is a sign of things to change and this includes changing in your own personal approach to things; be that big or small. Change is needed not only towards one’s body and health but also collectively on how things are being viewed or accepted. Every life challenge will eventually come to an end but it is the challenge that helps create who we are. Number 5 is all about focusing on what you want and how you want to succeed in life be that in business or on a personal level and strive for this without compromise.

Any actions taken in this year will show for years to come in both a personal wellbeing aspect, business and collectively as a whole. This year is about being courageous and giving it your all, standing behind your ideas, truths and beliefs; sticking with them no matter what. Know that this year is a very important year to be developing and exploring your skills, they will be needed in the future. Take time to think and plan carefully, there are endless possibilities for you if you think for yourself and think outside the box. Do not give in to things that are not for your own divine highest good. It will be a strong year in identifying the differences in those around you, those that are aligned and those that are not. You will start to notice if you want to be sociable or not and whether the people you are trying to engage with are really for you. Be thrifty this year and always weigh your actions, do not make hasty decisions, think things through very well before jumping for that offer on the table. The offer on the table may not always be the best one for you and your divine path. Who is the person offering this to you, do they really have your best interests at heart? Communication is key here and will certainly reveal the answers you need.

It warns of a time of restlessness, uncertainty and change. You will be challenged about your freedom to come and go, if you will make changes or if you wont and if you will be apart of what is going on in the world. There will be many experiences happening in 2021 and many changes, even some that will be forced upon you, it will try to be sold to you as “progress” and “freedom” so be mindful of this. It will make you really question if you stand for liberties or not. Try to stay grounded and rooted in your approach to things personally and collectively. If you find that you are not feeling your “freedoms”, the year 2021 wants you to be resourceful and versatile, use your cleverness and quick mind in the worlds progress. Keep your faith and face towards the light in the year of the 5.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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