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Tara has helped many people over the years and continues to stay passionate about helping to change the lives of many; Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the help of Homestead Healing Centre. 
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Kim. H 


"This woman keeps my physical, mental and spiritual health in check and running smoothly!"




What an amazing soul Tara is!! we could not recommend her and her skills highly enough. The love, passion, knowledge and guidance she shares is so valuable. You leave after a treatment with a whole new perspective. My kids loved her healing session too. Thank you!

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Sarah. B 


"I have known Tara for over five years. Her spiritual gifts are just one asoecr towards the way she lives her life. When experiencing her gifts, She shows true spiritual knowledge & accuracy. I recommend her in all aspects of spiritual guidance. If you are wanting the real true experience of a medium or healer than Tara is 100 % the real deal."

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Kelly. L 

Store Clerk 

Tara is more than a medium, she empathizes with clients and helps them to understand the messages coming through. The amount of personal details that she relayed to me left me speechless from my childhood memories to the way I sit on the sofa, and my grandad's tough love approach and his unique laugh!. Having a reading with Tara is an Incredibly personal and moving experience and I cannot help but feel forever changed after experiencing it. I will definitely be returning to Homestead Healing Centre in the future"

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Jessica. B


"Tara delivers information in the manner that I respond best to, I appreciate direct truths and enjoy the way that she is both loving and patient whilst never mincing her words. Tara is equally skilled at delivering information and guidance to suit the client and I found her approach to be authentic and gentle with my daughter."

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Swimming Instructor 

I would highly recommend Tara to anyone seeking guidance through life. I feel like there is nothing too big or too small that she is willing to support you through.

She is kind, honest, supportive, intuitive & very knowledgeable, & I always come out of her sessions feeling lighter & stronger mentally. Her Drop into Life Workshop was amazing, & I'd recommend anyone interested in using colour & oil therapy in their life, to give this workshop a go!

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Caroline. H 


"Tara was spot on with everything she said in her card readings for current events happening & some future events, with some I’m sure still to come. I would highly recommend to anyone willing to have readings."

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Kristy. R

Teachers Assistant 

"Tara is always friendly and professional and has great communication skills. Tara has deep knowledge about every topic she is teaching and her passion and enthusiasm always
shines through."

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