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What is Aura Soma?

Aura Soma is a natural therapeutic healing modality which is a non-intrusive, self-selective and a very gentle system to work with. Aura Soma is a vibrational tool for those that wish to remember themselves. The equilibrium oil bottles which are at the core of the system in Aura Soma are a mirror and a window to the soul; you are the colours you choose & these reflect your beings needs.

​Aura Soma helps us to understand ourselves on a deeper level through wavelengths of colour, it provides a bridge of communication between the self and the soul. Aura Soma can assist us in bringing consciousness and insight from a soul level to our everyday life and works with all the levels of our being from emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. For when we only pay attention to one aspect of our being the others will fail causing disharmony and illness. Aura Soma brings and works with all these components as a totality.

Aura Soma utilizes all the benefits from all the realms combining the plants, minerals, crystal and colour kingdoms to help us on our journey to self-discovery and healing of our spiritual selves. Working with Aura Soma and using the equilibrium oils is such a fantastic vibrational tool to assist on all levels of our being. Helping to bring ourselves into balance and harmony while supporting, bringing vitality and health to our subtle energy field.

The colours in the Aura Soma system, speak to us in an energetic way and is defined by some as “the light made manifest in living energy”. Aura Soma calls to people but only some will answer the call. Aura-Soma is especially suited for those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and or who wish to develop within themselves higher levels of consciousness and most of all for those that wish to remember who they truly are and those beings ready to embrace all aspects of themselves.

The reason why I love Aura Soma is because colour has been used for centuries and can be dated back to ancient times. Colour is a wavelength that can influence our mood, emotions and also influence our chakras (energy centres within the body). Its therapeutic benefits have been used for healing and support all throughout our history and even today through various modalities and techniques. We are all light beings and thus colour beings. Our own truest reflection can be seen or found through light and colour. Aura Soma is a vital tool in helping us access this by being a reflection of our light bodies.

The most fantastic component about Aura Soma that makes me really fall in love with this modality is that “the greatest guide lies within”. Instead of a therapist or me telling you what to do to heal and support yourself, you are actively engaging and working on bettering your own health, balancing and supporting yourself, your aura and your subtle energies. Why is this so fantastic? Because it is empowering you to not only actively engage in your own wellbeing, but it is also empowering you to trust yourself, your inner voice, your intuition and the healer that lies within. The best path of self-discovery is through the self and not by means of others, Aura Soma lets you see yourself, all its facets and all your potential.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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