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Walk through me

Come take a walk through me,

Into a world unseen.

Breathe in my scent,

Feel my eternal presence on the wind,

Taste the dew drops on your tongue.

Come take a walk through me,

Here my ancient call.

Come to a place where ancestors’ dwell,

Telling songs of the old.

Walk within me for a while,

Find the part of your soul once lost or left behind,

All can be found in the presence of my silence.

I’ll show you the way,

It’s in my movements and the way I sway,

Codices of light coming through me and into you.

Feel your feet upon the earth,

Where my roots send you healing,

Anchoring you to your purpose.

Fresh pine and bark fills and ease your heart,

Bringing back life to the decay that hides there,

Helping you remember why it is you walk the path you do.

The ancient song moves within you too,

A pull that cannot be denied.

The dances of life from one to the other.

Embody my wisdom, as I embrace you,

I am the spirit of the old, the spirit of the tall ones.

Go now, walk upon this earth as you were meant to,

You are old; an ancient spirit like me,

Sent forth to awaken your kin,

But remember that compassion must also lie within.

When you are lost come and find me again,

We’ll dance together in the wild and rain,

We’ll dance and be free, free to see.

Just let me hold you and show you the way,

Making memories for others to find, when they have lost their way.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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