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The empty chair & the extra plate...

Have you ever noticed that with some people there is always an empty chair next to them? Or when you serve certain people food you pull out an extra plate and cutlery set without even realizing that you have miscounted.

Well let me tell you, this is not by accident. I have noticed the empty chair and extra plate occurrence with certain people and I know exactly why it occurs. It’s because the empty chair and the extra plate is in fact for someone, the reality is not everyone can see them.

I have served meals to people and known full well after plating up why there is still that extra plate with no food placed on it, because in the spirit world you don’t need to eat. I have watched people who have lost someone very close to them and at times very abruptly lost them, sit at meetings or at social events with what appears to be an empty chair next to them…well let me tell you, it’s not empty. Someone is defiantly sitting in that chair!

At times I have also noticed this occurrence happens out of the blue with people I have known for quite a while. In this instance I listen carefully to the spirit next to them explain that they are there for support at this time. This is often a clue that they are struggling with something personal and need comfort and support. To which I happily offer and extend my hands for help if the recipient needs and accepts.

I find it intriguing that sometimes people who are less sensitive to the spirit world can still note this occurrence without putting two and two together. Sometimes I have seen people note and express verbally of an empty chair but refuse to sit in it, that’s because the energy of the spirit in the chair gives the sense that the chair space is full.

Even in my own life I have had people say to me “oh, you have five children don’t you” or “so that’s five kids meals” when ordering meals at a restaurant. On the rare occasion people have said “oh I could have sworn that I saw five children with you”. Now this occurrence is slightly different to those that have lost a person and that is because my fifth child is yet to be born but her spirit is very present in my day to day life to the point that it gets mentioned enough by others on a regular basis. In these instances, I just grin to myself and I have even found myself serving an extra child sized meal at dinner time.

These spirits that interact so closely with the physical are still learning, still being apart of peoples lives and still being as supportive as they can. They can consist of loved ones who have passed over, soul family yet to incarnate, spirit helpers (guides), ancestors and higher beings. All of these spirits I have noticed send and vibrate on such a higher love and heart felt frequency.

The empty chair and extra plate occurrence is something that really help people realise that our ancestors, loved ones and special helpers in the spirit world are not as far away as we think. All you have to do is notice it. So, the next time you see an empty chair next to someone that you feel you can't brings yourself to sit in, serve an extra plate or make that extra hot drink that wasn’t needed. Just remember that someone is there, someone is trying to bring their energy into your physical life, they are sending their love and their support to you. But most of all remember that we are never truly alone, the spirit world is right there with you, every step of the way.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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