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Journey to the Ancestors

To the ancestors I will travel today I call upon you ancestors, I seek answers and guidance. I seek your assistance to be able to journey light footed with no heavy heart. I call on my brothers and sisters ancestors too, to be close, guide them and to continue to protect them as they awaken. Stir your messages within our blood, send us your knowing so that we may know how to act and to read the messages you lay upon our feet.

Spirit of the East may you bring hope and light to the darkest of minds. Illuminate our souls as we walk here upon the Earth.

Spirit of the South may you carry healing patterns on our water and within our bodies to heal the pain, easy the turbulence and wash away humanity's fear.

Spirit of the North our Great Ancestors may you guide us and give us strength. Allow your wisdom to run through our blood and seep into our veins.

Spirit of the West may you show us what is unseen. Reveal what is hidden for those to see. Guide us through the darkness when our eyes are blind so that we may use our other senses gifted to man kind.

Mother Gaia will you raise your vibration and work with those that are willing to walk upon you with love and respect, may you ground the troubled souls so they may receive healing and be open to love.

Father Sky come be with us, protect us and be ever present in the minds and hearts of the Earth children.

Inner spirit may you hear the whispers of our kindred. May you hear the voices of the spirits that are with us. May you be guided and know your path, walking it with love and kindness.

Great spirit hear my prayer for my fellow brothers, sisters, me and all of creation.

~ Weaving Eagle Feather

© Homestead Healing Centre

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