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Mumma & Me Mala

This mala was channelled and created via a request to aid a beloved sister during her pregnancy and birth of her first child. This is considered a birthing mala to help with a meditational approach during labour to ease labour and make it calm, peaceful and positive as the child enters the world.

For the privacy for the person this was channelled for the intimate details of the channelled aspect will be withheld from this blog.

Within this mala are specific gemstone that not only will support the mother on a personal level but also on a physical level as she journeys through pregnancy and labour to bring the essence of another soul into this world.

Moonstone was selected as it aids the hormonal system and has a powerful but positive affect on the reproductive system. It will support her during her pregnancy and labour to increase her intuition and to awaken her connection to her internal and natural motherly wisdom. It will also help to regulate her natural menstruation cycle after the birth of her child, just like the moon changes fazes so does that of the pregnancy stages and stages after birth; moonstone helps to make these changes less dramatic emotional, mentally and spiritually.

Chrysocolla was selected to aid in relieving stress during the final days of pregnancy. It will aid her in using her feminine voice to express what and when she wants something during the birthing process. It has a soothing energy on the child within the womb and will help facilitate the releasement of fear from the mother so that the child may experience a safe birth.

Malachite known as the midwives’ stone was selected to help stimulate the contractions and ease labour pains and facilitate a safe, protective energy around the mother and child during the labour.

Carnelian has a strong protective energy to those that wear, it was selected to help maintain the safety of both mother and baby as they journey together. It will also help to regulate and maintain a healthy uterus and proper contraction and menstruation after the birthing of her child.

Rose Quartz the stone of unconditional love was selected to aid in awakening these qualities towards herself and her child. To also aid in forgiveness of her own belief of inability to face and successfully move through this next stage in her life. It is a highly protect stone for pregnancy and childbirth and is powerful at easing stress associated with pregnancy and labour.

Red Jasper the supreme nurture stone was selected to enhance and bring these qualities to her and awaken these qualities within herself as she travels into the next stage of transition to motherhood. It helps her to learn to be gentle on herself and those around her as they all begin to adjust to the new stage of life.

Sandalwood was selected for its uses during sacred ceremony which birthing is just that a sacred ceremony to bring in a soul from one world to the next. It also has a cooling and calming affect on those that wear it and helps to cleanse one’s space of negative energies during ceremony. It aids in meditation helping the her to get closer to the divine and invite the divine to play a active role in her life. It enhances courage, purpose, strength and happiness towards herself, her life and her family.

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