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Meet Me & My Darkness

Meet me in my darkness,

Do not shudder and run,

For there it is I know true bonds can become.

To see, to hear, to feel all that has come to pass,

It is not by way of competition but rather a test to see if it will last.

Most hide and buried away all that makes them; them,

But I serve it on a platter to seek, to find those that wish to dine in all of life’s glory.

For life has its woes and has its shine,

There are always two sides to a dime.

Time is the governor, who seeks to know if our kinship is meant to blossom and grow.

I will tell you of fateful tales, some long and some cold, others will be glorious and sacred to the soul.

Meet me in my darkness,

Do not shudder and run,

For there it is that you will find what made my soul mine.

Dine with me and we can share,

All of our stories that have stripped us bare.

To know the truth is to know it all,

The pretty, the dark, the toils and falls.

Can you say you have dined with another?

Eaten the fruits of what makes the other.

To know is to know it all,

The darkness, the light that makes it the whole.

Meet me in my darkness and face it with courage to do the same.

For that is when we truly know each other and are on the same page.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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