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Hopes for the future

I hope for a future where integrative health care exists. Where traditional & alternative medicine walk hand in hand to treat the whole person & or illness or disease.

You cannot treat the body without addressing the mind & spirit as well! Too often society relies souly & heavily on pharmaceuticals to “fix” ALL health problems. Sometimes more often than not physical health is directly linked to environmental, emotional, mental & spiritual health & wellbeing.

It is sometimes missed through the advanced medical system we have in our society to discover & treat the root or cause of illness, disease or aliment that is causing someone’s overall health to suffer. Missing vital parts that can benefit their recovery, wellness & vitality. As I have always said we are more than merely a shell & there is more to us than just the physical body. Emotions, day to day life, choices, habits, environment & our spiritual state all impact greatly on health & wellbeing which in turns affects the physical health & body.

Often you will discover through reading an article or word of mouth about real stories of people who became healthier physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually through “alternative” treatments. This however is attributed also not only to the method they chose, but by expansion of their awareness, correcting their vibration & addressing the core issues of the problem instead of putting a wet blanket on it.

Holistic, vibrational & alternative modalities can benefit greatly to everyone’s wellbeing. The trick about health & wellness is knowing what works for you. What supports & assists you to get you to your desired outcome. Knowing these things will hand anyone the key to wellness! Our health & vitality are our greatest asset, they are your greatest asset, it’s what gets everyone through their day to day life & supplies the endurance needed in every situation. So why wouldn’t everyone do all they can to support themselves! This includes energetically, environmentally, physically & spiritually.

I’m not saying you need to dumb your health care provider or telling you they can’t help you. I’m only encouraging everyone to look deeper, go beyond the pill and grab the core problem, bring it to light, work on healing it & in turn make your life better by addressing all aspects body, mind & soul! Sometimes all that is needed is the courage within to face what is at the root of the problem.

Everything moves forward & nothing ever stands still, doing it in a positive way with an open mind is needed & this includes how people see & treat their health & wellbeing.

- © Homestead Healing Centre

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