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Light Therapy Treatments

Light Therapy treatments give you a peaceful and deep relaxing experience while it clears blockages. It helps with healing and assisting in bringing yourself back into homeostasis.

A light therapy treatment consists of having the energies of colour, light, plant and crystals applied to your chakras, acupuncture points and the meridians pathways within your body. These treatments create wellbeing and spiritual growth for each individual, it also helps you in trusting your own inner sense of who you really are and can assist you in beginning to live that extraordinary potential in the world.

Each light therapy session is tailor made through a non- invasive colour selection process which is based on the highest of needs from a souls’ perspective. What I love most about light therapy treatments is that each individual has all the control in the direction that their personal sessions take; as it is based on their colour selections and never fails at being perfect for them.

Many people have commented how words just can not be found when wanting to explain their personal experiences with light therapy treatments. It is astounding how much of a difference it makes to people energetically but also emotionally. It takes them to such a peaceful state that busy minds find hard to accomplish.

After clients have had a light therapy treatment their aura is fresh, brighter and cleaner. Great movements and fantastic transformations take place within their lives both physically and energetically.

“You are the colours you choose and these reflect your beings needs” the most famous words of Vicky Wall the original founder of Aura Soma. Allow these colours to transform your life, allow yourself to feel rejuvenated, unblock your potential and release the vibrant, being that you truly are!

© Homestead Healing Centre

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