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How Mala found me...

I was going through a particularly hard time in my life. I had many things occurring in my everyday life that I found it hard to share with friends and relatives. I considered this to be an aspect of the dark night of the soul. At this particular point in time of my life I found my mind was causing a lot of my anxiousness. I wanted to feel still and centered and dedicate some time to stillness. That is when I started to work more closely with my personal angels and begun to make angel Mala beads.

I became intrigued with Mala beads after seeing one hanging around the neck of a dear friend and when I asked her about her pretty necklace she explained it was a Mala. The word Mala didn’t mean much to me, so I decided to look further into what a Mala was. I soon discovered there are varying versions of Mala beads and individuals often put their own spin onto their creations of them.

Traditionally though a Mala is a very sacred object and the longer it is worn and used by the individual that has it the strong and more powerful it becomes. They can become ancestral objects and passed to the next generation or to others and the new receiver of a Mala then carries with them the energy, vibration, guidance and wisdom of their loved one as they themselves imbued the Mala with their own energy too. Mala beads have the ability to not only count a person’s mantras but to increase the individual’s soul power, when a Mala is activated and blessed they hold a divine power known as Shakti.

Malas have been used for many centuries by holy and religious people. Mala’s can be used for meditation, prayer, mantras and as I personally do to evoke the energies of my angels and guardians through citation of their sacred names. Malas help to connect to the divine energy channels. Mala’s are not limited to only holy, religious or spiritual people.

They can also be used by simply wearing a Mala that represents an intention that the individual has set or something that the individual is trying to manifest. This is another way to use the angel Mala’s I have created and bring your personal angels’ energy into your life. Malas are also very protective to the individual that is wearing them, they help to ward of the negativity especially when the individual is doing the work of the divine. Those that do the work of the divine will often be challenged and a Mala can help to grown the inner master.

Using A Mala…

When using the Mala (which is a Sanskrit word for ‘meditation garland’) for meditation this is known as Japa (which translates ‘to recite’) Meditation. For this reason, I have made my design to correspond with a Mala design that would best included colour and angel associations as well as the gemstones of the earth. Each Mala that I create is done with the intentions and associated colours & gemstones of your own personal angels.

When using a Mala for Japa mediation you would have the tassel/charm end facing towards yourself and you would slowly work though each bead between your thumb and second finger. The thumb is used as it represent the element of Earth. The second finger is used as it is associated with the element of Sky/The Akasha. This is a sacred representation of bring the divine and earth together.

As you touch each bead you would recite your mantra and roll the bead towards yourself. The mantra you choose can be spoken or done so through simple thought. Mantras do not need to be difficult, they can be a single word or a simple phrase. For instance, if you have purchased an Angel Mala you would have received the name of that particular angel and how to pronounce it. Their name can be spoken as you work over each bead to help manifest their energy and be open to their help.

DO NOT use your first finger to roll your Mala beads; this is because the first finger is considered to be of the fire element and can burn out the energies and power within your Mala, this then makes the Mala a pretty object rather than a sacred tool. Once you have touched each 108 beads you will reach what is called the Guru bead this is where the tassel/charm is generally attached to. This bead represents the time for pause/reflection and honoring your intentions.

Once you have reached the Guru bead where the tassel/charm is attached at the end you can choose to stop there with your mantra. However, if you are really feeling into the energy and you can feel some shifts occurring or you find that you wish to continue your mantra for longer you DO NOT go over the Guru bead tassel/charm to continue around your Mala. You simply flip the mala over your finger so the tassel/charm is facing you again and begin to make your way back to the beginning bead where you started.

It is very important to treat your Mala as a sacred object, it grows as you grow and it should be treated with lots of respect as should you. It is important to protect ones’ own energy both spiritually, physically and emotionally and this is no different when it comes to your Mala Beads.

The anatomy of a Mala…

A Mala is made up of 108 beads with a knot between each bead and has what is known as a Guru bead at the end. The Guru bead is what takes an individual from darkness to light. What this represents is taking the individual from ignorance and converts the inner knowledge to wisdom. The number of beads on a Mala is anything with a multiple of 9, this would be 18, 27, 54, 108 or 216.

Traditional Malas have a tassel on the end this is a representation of the divine and helps the sacred energy of the Mala to distributes over your energy centers especially the individuals’ heart. It is also believed to be a symbol of our connection to the divine and all others. The Malas' I have created have a charm / feather on the end which not only represent the energy of the angels but also the divine.

A traditional Mala is usually made from Sandalwood which holds its own sacred and higher vibrational power. As time has gone on gemstones are now used to making Malas, high quality gemstones are what are used when i am creating Angel Malas which are cleanses and charged before they reach their new owners.

Malas have what is known as a marker bead at certain points throughout the Mala. These marker beads are often an obvious difference in colour, texture or size. Marker beads are used to separate the segments and used in the Malas to gently bring the individuals awareness back to the present moment. On the Angel Malas I use each one as Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur and say this as I pass over them.

With a Zen Mala they have marker bead found at both 7 and 14 on the Mala bead anatomy. The numerological pattern for a Zen Mala is 7 – 14- 66 – 14 – 7 = 108.

With a traditional Tibetan arrangement, it has a marker bead at 27 – 27 -27 -27 = total beads 108 and make four equal segments.

Mantra Malas are divided into segments with the numeral pattern of 21 – 33 – 21 – 33 = total beads 108.

The first ever Mala I created was from Mookite and it was of course for myself. As I was going through my own personal issues as well as other members of my soul family. I found myself calling on my angels and theirs too, this is how the “Angel Mala” was created. I joined the energies of various Mala anatomy and the angels together to help others who may need both their sacredness and love.

Each Mala that is created is done with great respect and intentions as I focus on the individuals own energy as it is created and their personal angel.

After the making process I also take the time to cleanse and energise each Mala by toning all 72 Angels names in both English and Hebrew and the Archangels too. The Angel Mala it is then laid upon a medicine angel crystal grid until it is ready to go to its loving owner.

May you find peace, happiness and wholeness as you journey with your Mala.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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