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Full Moon Madness

How could I not write something given such a powerful time for Capricorn?

I noticed something in this full moon in Capricorn and the lunar eclipse, other than the fact that sleep evaded most Capricorns and those with strong Pluto energy in their natal charts. It was a very plutonic full moon in its energy but had the strength, determination and stamina like Capricorns to see it through. There was no avoiding what this moon brought up. It brought up a lot for people in regards to integrity, authenticity, courage, confidence as well as old wounds, pain and life situations that have been explosive and hard energies to deal with that need releasing.

In among all the conversation that took place leading up to and over the full moon’s energy. I noticed a deep sense of pain and this internal fight to not let this pain show, express or rear its ugly head. I found this in most people not willing to look at their shadow or the deeper aspects of themselves where they hide their pain and traumas as they tried to gain control over the unfoldment of the depths of themselves. I found that it challenged many to let it go and many felt as if life and all things in life were crumbling away and they wanted to crumble away with it. Their deep sea of abyss and pain swirled up like waves and they needed to stay well-grounded to deal with the crashes that came from it. People pulled themselves away from others as they tried to make sense of their own inner turmoils and tribulations. The strong Capricorn energy made these people have to face this stuff head on and there was an inner sense in these people that they had to do it on their own and be successful at overcoming their challenges independently without contribution from others.

The moon asked for transformation, closure, inner healing and a rebirth; it formed abrupt change for people

which in some cases people silently ended relationships and connections. They found themselves distancing themselves and felt a great loss of connections. It made them look at, assess and even let go of traumas, pain and all that was no longer serving them so that the new chapters may start in their life, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. It really made some people take accountability for where they have been and where they are now going. It demanded decisions on matters that plagued their emotions and mindsets. I found many people questioned if they wanted to continue their life path or make a complete turn in a new direction, it made people really assess their goals, desire and dreams and where they wanted to be heading in life. It demanded change both internally and externally for the betterment of their life and themselves. The Capricorn energy really pressured those that are not being responsible and not speaking their truths. It made people go inwards in a steady slow decent to rummage through the crap they have been hording and not releasing. People often felt the need to avoid others and sleep for days on end and struggled to rise in the morning to face the next day. Despite their efforts of avoidance, the energy did not go unnoticed. Many felt this one deeply and had no choice but to take it head on. Even finding that their dream states and journeys were enhanced and very emotional.

However, it was easily moved through for others who were willing to be vulnerable, willing to truly look at what, who and all they possessed to be and these people found that manifestation at this time for deeper soul connections was possible. Despite what was being brought up for these people they were compelled to move through it and forward with efficiency and found closure to things that had been an ongoing issue for some time now. These people were not fearful in being authentically themselves. Speaking their truths without fear of judgement or damnation from others. They cared not for the opinion of others and only the opinions that laid within themselves. These people at this time worked tirelessly at healing their own expectations of themselves and the expectation that they place upon themselves. They looked at what and who was leading their life and where they were allowing others to lead them astray. Most Capricorns and a few people I know handled this moon and Luna eclipse well and with much dignity, they took control and worked with the plutonic energy in a constructive and dedicated manner. Using the energy to its fullest potential to strive forwards with ambition and strength. Facing the plutonic energy head on with determination and inner cultivation with patience, perseverance and common sense. They took the decent in to their abyss to work on their Chironic pains and unhealed wounds and to truly look at how in which they themselves played the role of unfoldment in it all and how in which to use such experience to rebuild. They shared intimately with others without fear and allowed others to do the same, holding a grounded space to allow others their own unfoldment. They looked at the array of fucked upness and saw it for what it was in a practical sense, embraced it and honored the hard work it took to get through it all, they worked on it and with it in a manner most useful for the next stage of their journey.

Where ever you sat and your experience with this full moon, know that the key words to continue with are the Capricorn’s strength, patience, perseverance and common sense. Facing all that we carry, all that we have experienced and working on or with such things needs love and dedication. Be gentle on yourselves.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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