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The beckoning, the calling. It has been coming for quite some time. Now it seems to be quickening, time is speeding up, it’s pressurising in my womb and it’s working its way up. It’s been hidden in the depths of me, my heart pounds for it to rise, it calls it to meet together to work in unison.

I feel it most when I walk within her sacredness. She calls to me in the whispers of the trees, in the rivers and in the streams. Her beauty and majestic vibrations move in me as they move in her, just forgotten. Programmed out, but she calls for what is in me is in her. Her voices large and small, from the tiniest pebble to the roughest of seas. Her voices is strong and can move mountains when she calls. It seems almost scary and someone what confronting for what she is out there, lies also within me. Calling and beckoning me to release it, the time has come the move in this new way. A direction which has been forgotten until this day………..

What is strength, go and ask a tree, it is not what you and I think it should be. A tree is tall and it is wise, it knows when to bend, it will not break in the winds that rise. Yet women forget this vital key, we feel the need to stand tall and stand strong, but sometimes we forget the whispers of the winds and how by working with them and bending with them can be more beneficial for us to successes…..

The earth works in unison, it’s not afraid to move into the next season, bloom its beautiful flowers and lay dormant when it needs too. It allows the energy to flow to where it is needed, it doesn’t hold it back it doesn’t deny it access to converge into greatness. But yet we deny the divine feminine in all other things. Denying it in men, in women and in our future generations as we block it from ourselves and mutate our DNA making it harder for the next wave to discover. It’s time we hear her beat, hear her vibes. Move with her in unison instead of denying her flow….

She stands before us in many forms, hidden in nature and within each being here on earth. She is the orange autumn leaves in contrast to the coming night sky who teaches us about how to let go, to not stop what needs to take place, not stop what needs to occur. The longer we hold onto the longer it takes to grow into the new dawn and the new season. The letting go and knowing the wisdom when to.

She is the royalness that nature holds, the queen of god, the feminine counterpart, the essence of earth. She is god within the earthly realm, as above and so below, she mirrors and is the god manifestation herself. She shows the godliness in all of earth and its creations. She gives birth and rise to all that is here on earth and teaches us the importance of its cyclic nature.

What is within is outside of us too on all levels and dimensions. She can be found and teach us many things. A regal silence but ever graceful in her lessons. She is a violent volcano, teaching us how if we hold in all those things that annoy us and hurt us within ourselves, it bubbles and builds beneath the surface, if it gets too much that it will explode. Pulling us further from our wisdom instead of working elegantly with our wisdom.

She maintains the power of balance within the earthly realm. The balance of wisdom and power, never pushing humanity or punishing us, yet displaying her authority only when it is truly required. Teaching us not only how to treat ourselves but also those outside of ourselves.

She shares her wisdom and shows only her authority when it is right to do so. She shows us this through her floods, earthquakes and other forms of natural disasters. She gets us to rethink, to remodel and to rebuild. To teach us great lessons of giving, receiving, rebuilding, love, compassion and more for not only others but also ourselves. She shows us our power and wisdom and how if not kept in balance it can lose its ability to be used wisely and usefully.

She is the facets and faces of nature and within ourselves, a shapeshifter of divinity and yet uniquely whole. Like that of the moon that shines its wisdom in the royal night sky through its phases and through it ancient teachings. She is healing the earth and nurturing its inhibitors through her divine teachings of wisdom. We travel through her body of the infinite stars when we decent to earth and then again when we return home, she is the divine feminine cosmos of the royal blue night sky. She is each and everyone’s first protecting, nurturing, nourishing divine feminine presence for any living beings on earth, all each who dwell here felt her when they first are born here on earth. Mammals are born from her cosmic waters and reptiles born from her eggs. The plants and other material birthed from her soil. We all feel her she is the first thing to grace us with a presence before anything else.

She is there to help us in this world from the moment we consider our conception and physical presence and she is there standing with us and over us as we journey here on earth, she is the watchful mother only intervening when it is a necessary must. She allows our falls and allows our growth like a good mother should. She allows us to find her within ourselves and outside of ourselves simultaneously.

She teaches us the returning of the light and our returning to divine oneness, hidden are her teachings

like most great treasures and she has hidden great keys to help us unlock her energy within

ourselves and in stories of goddesses, the goddess within all of us, within nature and within all beings.

She is even hidden within men, which has been stolen and manipulated by authority and programming. It stirs and echoes in them too waiting and waiting them to embrace the divine aspect within themselves, to help them better understand women, to get in touch with the women within. To understand that strength is not always through force and authority but a deeper and more feminine way of presence. That nurturing is not a sin in men but a joyous and needed aspect in life.

She has potential for growth in our hearts and a transformation of wondrous proportions. Stimulating growth and change like in a mother’s womb and within ourselves at the cellular level and at the core of our beings. She is Sophia, a force to be know, the beat of our hearts as strong as a drum that can be gentle or giant within its tone. She waits ever patiently to bring her home…bring her home into your heart.

It's not "who" is Sophia, it is what is the "energy" of Sophia. Let that into your heart embody her royal wisdom and move that out of you through to the rest of your life...

© Homestead Healing Centre

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