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Brothers in Arms Mala

Well the one turned out to be two. The channelled malas have come to reality for two men who are brothers. These two brothers are brothers in arms. Together they stand, with courage, heart and strength to face an internal challenge as much as an external one. These malas are embedded with protection on all levels using the ancient woods of Palo Santo and Sandalwood.

Palo Santo the "holy wood" to neutralize issues before they ever start and holds the strong power to attract sacredness and benevolence to a space. Palo Santo bringing in positive healing energies, and allows them to approach things with an unburdened mind. It cleanses their entire auric field and chakras, maintaining a strong protective energy.

Sandalwood is used for sacred ceremonies and to purify holy places (including the holy place of their bodies). It has a calming, cooling effect on both the body and mind. It helps them to awaken intelligence, and is an aid in meditation bring the devotees closer to the divine. It calms their minds, soothes stress, nervous tension, and uplifts their mood. It enhances courage, purpose, strength and happiness towards the brothers and their life.

Black tourmaline crystal has been used within their malas to cleanse themselves, their space of negativity and to protect against negative forces at play. Cleansing their chakras on all levels and allowing deep connection to their purpose and earth star chakras to maintain a grounded approach to life.

One brother in particular "the diplomat" holding Malachite energy to remind the duo to come from a heart felt way in life rather than letting the mind to be controlled by one's random thoughts and emotions. The stone of transformation encouraging a deep energy cleanse and quick manifestation of intentions. Lessons he is learning and has learnt throughout his life times in incarnations.

The other brother "the adviser" holds black tourmaline to know to speak without hate and haste. To speak the words of truth directly and straightforwardly towards those around him. To have the courage to know he is well protected to speak up for any injustices and that he will not absorb negative energies as long as he does not compromise himself in the process of life.

Clear Quartz to enhance the purpose of all other stones and woods. But to also allow deep karmic healing to take place within them both. A master healer enabling healing on multi levels of their beings and helps them both to work towards enlightenment in this life.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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