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Bottle Appearance & Care

Some clients experience what is known as transforming bottles when they begin to work with some of the Aura Somas products. This is a usual process when working energetically with ourselves and any changes that occur within the bottles or products does not warrant them “off” or “spoiled”. One aspect to realize is that if a bottle looks “gunky” or changes colour when using it, it can indicate that a lot of energetic changes and clearing in occurring in your aura and subtle energies field.

Please to do expose your equilibrium oils and products to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, be sure to slightly loosen the cap if you have them near a window or in warm to hot environments.

Currently due to UK and EU legislation Aura Soma Uk is required to place a Best Before End (BBE) date on their products. However the BBE date is used as an indication of time which the products maintain the highest of quality standards. Despite any changes in the bottles and products that may or may not occur due to the natural materials contained within them, their overall effective is maintained throughout this period and the BBE is not a suggested end date of usage.

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