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Taking the time to honor and heal, when we heal we are not healing just ourselves we are healing all those that we have been and are yet to be. We are healing on this dimension but also all those of ourselves that are of the multidimensional-universe. When we heal ourselves, we are healing our past, present & future simultaneously; healing ourselves and also healing others.

We are healing the wrong doings, the traumas, the grief and the multitude of other emotions, mental and actual physical energetics that are logged within and without of ourselves. We are releasing and working with karma and dharma in a multifaceted way to better ourselves, those around us and the sacred earths and spaces we reside on.

Yet we seem to deny this to ourselves, almost as if we are dooming ourselves to never be healed. To feel the graciousness of oneness and the most divine light and energetic radiance that we are. Why? For fear of our own radiance.

Step forth and begin the journey now, to bring about a healing upon the self, upon those around you, for the earth and universe herself. Bring ourselves, the planet and the multifaceted energies that exist in our conscious and beyond back to equilibrium.

Fear not for what could be, know that you are worthy of healing, worthy of love and worthy of growth. Worthy of being that divinity of light that you are, step forth with the ability to heal, healing of yourself and much much more than you could ever imagine.

When I speak to others of B26 many have all cited that they have this intense feeling of great responsible, often they will deny themselves the use of this beautiful bottle, they cry and often say “that’s a lot of responsibility!” a lot of responsibility to who exactly?.....To themselves.

No one in this world can do the work for us, only we can do it for ourselves. Others can show the way, they can encourage us on our journey and they can work with us, but at the end of it all; it is our responsibility. Never fear stepping out and doing it on your own, doing things in your own way, and never fear stepping into a new form of healing. Your soul knows - therefore you know.

It is each and every single person who has descended from the stars to be here and be present on mother earth. We took the journey and only we make the journey back to oneness, those that have walked with us aa a sacred mirror, for us to reflect to see and to mirror back too. A faceted aspect of our being. All diamonds of coal that have but a journey to reach its divine spectacular beauty under the pressure and traumas we endure. Seeing the beauty in all that has gone on before you, through you and beyond you, bringing you to a spectacular array of rainbows and light. Allow yourself to be that spectacular array of rainbows and light.

Lessons of consciousness expanding our growth. Spilling over from one life to the next carrying with us the most inner wisdom that can shine brighter than the physical eyes can bear witness to. Energetic transmissions across the timeline that reach from this planet to the next in each dimension; leaving no atom untouched.

Messages are carried through the line of succession, through the DNA/RNA. Trickingling through to each generation awaiting the ones who are the healers. Waiting for you to access it for you are not people who become healers you are born the healers; born ready to do the work, ready to make the path way accessible and as you do, you then begin to vibrate that along to all those you come into contact with. Changing your own life forever, awakening others too; like the ripple in the pond. For when people meet, they are not just meeting here, they’re meeting with us in a glimpse of unfathomable space not time, which is in constant change. Moment to moment exploding new possibilities and outcomes.

Step forward with confidence, with any new path your soul decides to take, for there is no mistakes only healing that can take place. Every journey leads you to a deeper and more magnificent facetted surface of your own divine soul. Every person, every soul you are blessed to be a part of; in their lives for a moment of space not time, it echoes and ripples its way back to the stars and back the star dust that birthed you into creation.

B26 a remembering a who you really are, where you are going and the magnificent power each and every person has in healing the timeline of their existence, the timeline of others and of creation itself. Take the time to heal, take time to do the work of the soul, your soul. Heal, be born again and shine your wisdom to the world.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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