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Ancient Mother Mala

This Mala was channelled and birthed on the 17th of November 2019 at 1:33pm. It is a one of a kind handmade piece that contains genuine gemstone beads varying in sizes that have all be selected specifically for this Mala.

- Garnet was selected to represent the ancient mother that is hidden within the earth.

- Bloodstone to represent her as she moves through our blood and passes through ancestral lines.

- Amazonite her strong and ancient warriors voice that keeps telling us to press on in times that are tough.

- Mango Calcite to remind us of her gentleness and nurturing nature that is found within mothers and fathers, through encouraging hands of guidance. As well as the healing found in gentle embraces.

- Malachite to remind us of her womb from all that is born and of the emotions that help us hear her call; the call that screams from within. The inner strength which surpasses all others.

- Prehnite to represent her protectiveness, wisdom and light that she provides on our path. The feminine leader guiding us towards knowledge and enlightenment.

- Dioptase to remind all males and females to maintain and keep one’s heart open; to purify all that disturbs us or tries to corrupt one’s natural ability to love like her.

- Chrysocolla to represent the ancient mother herself.

The Scared Ancient Mother

I can hear your call; I can hear your song,

It lives within me and all around me,

It is hidden in the song of harmony.

I can hear it on my laughter and taste it in my tears,

It is hidden deep internal off all things that dwells here.

It dwells beneath my feet, hidden in the earth,

It is in the voice of the gems that heal us of our pains and hurts.

I can hear It in the whisper of a mother’s heartbeat,

It is in the gentle hands of guidance,

It is within the eternal seed.

I can hear it in the breeze that kisses my cheek,

It is in the blood that runs through me, from grandmothers now deceased.

It hides within my heart, that allows me to feel,

It is in the warrior’s voice, when faced with upheaval and tears.

It sits quietly in my father’s eyes, as men too have been touched by you.

It can be found on mountains up high or creeks and river beds too.

It is something that wants to be grasped, but seems just out of reach.

But if one sits just quietly, you can hear it, its louder than you think.

The Sacred Ancient Mother I see where you once tread,

I know that you are hidden, in all of this web.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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