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This remedy was created to support couples. Maybe you have been going through a rough patch, maybe there is too much disharmony occurring in the relationship; this remedy supports and encourages coming together, opens communication and listening and brings peace. 


It is ideal to use this remedy on yourself when disharmony has occurred to disperse the lingering feelings. Alternatively, if you are couple trying to work through the issues together then you can both take it together.


All blended remedies are made with flower and crystal essences. These are selected through a careful process making sure they align with the qualities they are meant to support or soothe.


All blended remedies are also made in sacred ceremony. Ensuring the greatest intentions are made and the whole process from creation to your hand is woven with care.


How to use: 7 drops morning and night or as needed, until finished.


These blends are available in both 30ml and 50ml bottles.

Relationships & Marriage Remedy

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