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Dimensions: Approximately 4cm x 4cm x 1.5cm at the widest points. 

Weight: Approximately 45g 


Azurite: Azurite is the developer for psychic and intuitive endeavours. It cleanses, charges and amplifiers the third eye chakra.


It is an ideal crystal to be used in meditation, out of body experience, astral travel and supports raising the individuals conciousness to higher levels, supporting the unfolding of the spiritual self.


Azurite encourages understanding and new perspectives. It expands the mind and clears programmed belief systems. It may also help to alleviate sadness, worry and grief.


Azurite supports the spine, spine alignment, the brain and brain function, as well as detoxifies the liver.


Malachite should be handled with caution. It is a toxic mineral and should only be worn in a polished form. Avoid breathing in any dust.


Malachite amplifiers both negative and positive qualities. So emotional maturity is required by the wearer. Malachite is a great stone for those doing Shadow work.


It's an ideal stone for scrying and healing from electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies.


Malachite is a powerful stone that is helping to evolve the new millennium. It teaches individuals to take responsibility for their choices, thoughts and feelings. It goes to the core of issues and enhances inner acknowledgement of the part played in those issues.

Malachite has has long been used for facilitating birth. Caution should be used by pregnant women and avoid wearing until in acutal labour.


Malachite & Azurite

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