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Dimensions:Approximately 2.5cm x 2cm

Weight: Approximately 8g

Known as “the laughter” Stone encourages and supports feelings of happiness and laughter. It supported elevation of feelings, positiveness and optimism.


Crazy Lace Agate’s energy is circular and flowing. It helps overcome depression and despair. It is uplifting and increases self-esteem. It also promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s own truth.


Price is per piece.


One will be intuitively chosen for you to fulfil your order.


This is a stock photo and the colour may vary in certain lighting. Crystals and gemstone are a natural product therefore all crystals and gemstones will have some variants in colour, shape and weight; this is unavoidable.


*This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Crazy Lace Agate - Drilled Pendant

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