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This remedy supports clearing the clutter of the mind and thought processes. Been stuck on something like a merry go round and want to get off, then this remedy is for you.


You may have thought of every possible situation and solution or outcome and as a result feel like a ball of wool all tangled; this can lead to never making a decision. This remedy supports the unwinding and helps to release the entanglement that you can create for yourself when you are an over thinker and are lacking clarity.


All blendedremedies are made with flower and crystal essences. These are selected through a careful process making sure they align with the qualities they are meant to support or soothe.


All blended remedies are also made in sacred ceremony. Ensuring the greatest intentions are made and the whole process from creation to your hand is woven with care.


How to use: 7 drops morning and night or as needed, until finished. 


These blends are available in both 30ml or 50ml bottles.

Clarity Remedy

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