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Dimensions: Approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Weight: Approximately 8g


Azeztulite carries one of the most highest spiritual frequencies. It can realign the entire liquid crystal body matrix and encourages cellular healing.


It can be used for personal healing unlocking the potentials of the spiritual being to become awakened and enlightened.


It can also be used for Earth healing to channel through light energy for the conciousness of Earth itself.


Azeztulite is a key stone for the New Conciousness and can elevate all other stones.


Azeztulite (Clear Satyaloka) means "place of truth" it opens the crown chakra to allow an abundance and flow of energy to come through, clearing and activating all successive chakras.


It is such a powerful form of Azeztulite that has a direct resonance and can facilitate an immediate connection to source. It is a stone of pure white light energy. It has a deep affinity with Moldavite and other ascension stone.


Price is per piece.


This is a stock photo and the colour may vary in certain lighting. Crystals and gemstone are a natural product therefore all crystals and gemstones will have some variants in colour, shape and weight; this is unavoidable.


**This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.**

Azeztulite Heart

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