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NOTE: These pictures are examples of previously made Angel Malas. Your individual mala will not look the same as these pictured.


The Angel Mala was created by joining the energies of various Mala anatomy and the angels together to help others who may need both their sacredness and love.


Each Mala that is created is done with great respect and intentions as I focus on the individuals own energy as it is created and their personal angel.


All Angel Malas that are created are done so based on your own personal angel. For this to be worked out you will need to provide your date of birth and time of birth (Please provide this in the note section upon purchase) Knowing this helps to use their corresponding gemstones in the creation of your Mala.


After the making process time is taken to cleanse and energise each Mala by toning all 72 Angels names in both English and Hebrew. The Angel Mala it is then laid upon a medicine angel crystal grid until it is ready to go to its loving owner.


Angel Mala

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