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Dimensions: Approximately 8.5cm high x 3cm at the widest point.

Amazonite has a fantastic filtering ability and blocks geopathic and electromagnetic stress, absorbs microwaves & cell phone emanations.

Mentally it supports in blocking negative patterns, thoughts and psychic attack from entering. It encourages a balanced approach with problem solving and sooths trauma and worry.

Amazonite encourages manifestation of universal love and childhood healing.

Amazonite helps to support those with osteoporosis, tooth decay and calcium deficiency and is an anti-inflammatory stone, assisting in times of colds, flu and fungal issues.

Price is per piece.

One will be intuitively chosen for you to fulfil your order.

This is a stock photo and the colour may vary in certain lighting. Crystals and gemstone are a natural product therefore all crystals and gemstones will have some variants in colour, shape and weight; this is unavoidable.

This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Amazonite Generator

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