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Carnelian is a stabilising stone that anchors you into the present. It helps to restore motivation and vitality.

Carnelian is known as the death stone, helping accept and remove fears surrounding the cycles of life and death. In ancient times it was placed on the dead to assist them in their journey in the afterlife.

Carnelian is a great stone for women and their menstruation cycles and connecting with the goddess. It is full of life force energy and increase fertility and the reproductive organs. It also supports a healthy sexual function and wards off impotence.

Price is per piece.

This is a stock photo and the colour may vary in certain lighting. Crystals and gemstone are a natural product therefore all crystals and gemstones will have some variants in colour, shape and weight; this is unavoidable.

**This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.**

50mm Banded Carnelian Sphere

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