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Dimensions: Approximately 10cm x 2 cm at the widest point 

Weight: Approximately 57g


Aventurine is a positive stone that brings prosperity, it has a great affinity to the devic kingdom and is an ideal stone for the use of grids around the home and garden. It also helps protect against electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution.


Aventurine promotes leadership, compassion and empathy. It helps to stabilise the mid, perceptions and enhances creativity. It helps the individual to find solutions and alternative possibilities to sticky situations.


Spiritually it is connected to the heart chakra and protects it from psychic vampires.


Aventurine works on issues that are developed from birth to seven years of age and is a great healer for the heart (both emotionally and physically) and thymus glad. It helps to balance blood pressure, adrenals, lungs, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.

Aventurine Wand - Lg

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