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The Individual Choir

I wanted to share some thoughts with everyone after experiencing the Aura Soma Conference in Victor Harbor. Firstly, what an AMAZING time I had! It was my first conference attendance and to be exposed and embraced by so many of my colour family members, is was not only heart felt but I give deep gratitude to those I met and are a part of my soul collective family.

The fantastic, fun and love filled vow renewal and amazing speakers and conversations that took place over the two days is something I will treasure forever. The speakers all vibrated a very important message, I noticed that a lot of the speakers touched on the necessary of everyone singing the song, to be a part of the choir of Aura Soma; to sing the ‘Aura Soma Song’ cohesively, to sing loudly and proudly. Bringing to the world the magic of colour healing and vibration for many others to share, explore, embrace and discover.

This message that the community of Aura Soma were sending out over the conference weekend really made me feel a connection to the importance of the coral meeting the turquoise, although this was not the conferences main focus I felt a deep resonance with this colour combination when I would hear people talking of a ‘choir’. The coral representing the need for community and the turquoise represents the need for individuality on the path of colour and within the world and the Aura Soma System. Teaching us to be ourselves, but to be aware of our individuality within the collective, the importance that our individuality adds to the collective.

Exploring this further I went home and looked at B93 Hansel Pale Coral / Turquoise as a significant reference to ‘the choir’ it made me really ponder on the importance of peoples’ individuality within a choir and how a choir itself is not made up of everyone singing the same tone or note, rather that they all have a specific duty and responsibility; to sing “their own” tone or note to make the choir possible in the first place.

Although in a choir we have many people singing the same song (colour in this instance or life itself) each and every individual cannot sing in D minor. The reason being is that it would sound completely terrible. Each person would need to sing their own note or tone to make the collective choir sound any good. I mean really, would you like to hear a choir when everyone is singing in D minor?

For me this linked very appropriately with Spider Women a goddess that is held sacred in native traditions. Spider Woman teaches us the need to weave and that all humans are not born of the same colour (or with the same purpose), she reminds us of our connection with the universe, our connections within the community but also our own individual life and how this is extremely important in the bigger picture. For without our own individual energy, our own individual contributions and our own individual way of life, the bigger picture or whole would not even exist.

The new age is fantastic at harping on the need for collective consciousness, collective collaboration and forget the later of the importance of individual path, growth and the importance of someone’s own divine being and purpose. For what is happening outside of us, is happening within us, “if you weave your way with love and care, you won’t have to walk on thorns”. Each and every person’s purpose in life plays a significant and important role to the collective consciousness in its own unique way…this should be honoured greatly.

If you take into consideration the web of a spider and look at it intricately you will see the significance of the need for all those individual lines contained within the web. Those individual lines all contribute in their own way to making the web withstand natural disaster and be something of indestructible strength and ‘wholeness’. If you were to pull out one of those lines then the web would begin to fail, it would become weak and break. The spider within the circle is symbolically viewed as unity, and the individual rays that expand from the centre of the spider’s web represents the life-giving fire gifted to us by Spider Women, humans and their own uniqueness that are eloped in love. Although the spider (the universe) created the web, without the web, you would have no spider. The web is an integral part of sustaining the life of the spider. This can be used in great comparison to the “Aura Soma Choir” without the individuals and their uniqueness, their own note or tone, that attracts the bugs to feed the spider the choir would not exist.

The choir is led by the conductor (the spider/Aura Soma) consisting of sections (individual lines in the web/individual practitioners and teachers in the Aura Soma System/individuals in the community) designed to sing in harmony (the web/the song of the choir/the song of Aura Soma/the song of community) there is no limit to the number of possible parts (Individual lines in the web/individual practitioners and teachers/the community) as long as there is a singer available to sing their own part.

Without the web, without all those important facets of the web, you have no spider. The importance of people and their individuality and what they offer to the world, be that in Aura Soma or the collective consciousness is extremely important and extremely needed. When a fly has been caught in a web, the length of space that message travels on is an amazing distance which reaches the spider so that it can give life to the spider. If the web is broken the message would have to take a harder and longer journey to reach to spider, which could potentially result in it missing its mark and the spider missing its meals; if this was continue to happen, the spider would eventually die.

The one thing that I love about Aura Soma is not only its intricate web that is created with a wonderful community. But all those individuals within that community and how each and every person is important, how each and every one of the individuals within the community has something unique to offer to the world and to Aura Soma in their “own” unique way with their own “tone and note” without their tone or note Aura Soma wouldn’t exist and neither would reality as we know it. Lives wouldn’t be transformed and the collective consciousness would be missing something spectacular added to the web of the universe.

So, if you are not already honoring how much you contribute, by being you, by being an individual and If you’re not honoring the massive role your individual purpose plays in the bigger picture. It’s about time you did, for without YOU, it wouldn’t exist. When you are living your life authenticity through the turquoise and the process of your individual path within the community of the coral, you attract the right people towards you. Be it if you are a teacher, you will attract the right students; if you are a student you will attract the right teacher. It is limitless the abundance it will bring to you when you are honoring your individuality and the importance of it within the community and the job you have within the “choir” or bigger picture.

I give thanks to everyone, for all the roles they play within the Aura Soma system and outside of it too. I honor your coral / turquoise being.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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