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The Five Pillars of Aura Soma

Aura Soma is the perfect mirror for your soul. It supports you as you journey through out your life with what you are needing most at that time. It is a non-intrusive self-selective system that ignites self-discovery, self-care, acceptance and transformation in a high vibration of love & of highest intention.

It is such a loving and supportive system especially for anyone who is coming to a new focus or way in their life and for those that wish to develop within themselves higher levels of consciousness. It has changed my life dramatically for the better & many others who have worked with this system!

It supports you in such a way that is often referred to as indescribable but life changing! It incorporates physical, energetic & spiritual aspects to nurture you & your soul. So let’s look at the five pillars behind the Aura Soma system in a little more detail.

The Equilibrium Oils

There is 121 Equilibrium bottles in the colour care system. These are divine living energies made of colour, light, crystals, trees, plants, herbs and universal energies. By using the equilibrium oils you bring all these energies and wavelengths into your vibration and into your being which can assist you in harmonising and realigning yourself on a deep level which can support your true self so that you are able to be your true self and use your unique qualities in the world. These are applied directly to your skin and on the physical body.

The Pomanders

The pomanders work with your electromagnetic field around your body, this is also known as your aura. Pomanders contain 49 herbs in all. Pomanders are very re-energising, affirmative and protective for energetic environmental challenges. They have a very cleansing effect on the aura and remove negative energies, allowing positive ones to come in. They have been recreated with ancient Cabbalistic knowledge. Each pomander corresponds with more than one of the equilibrium bottles working to support you in your everyday life.

The Quintessence

Quintessence specifically works with your astral fields beyond the etheric body. They help to evoke their specific colour ray into the auric sphere. They work on the subtle bodies, open intuition and helps the individual to align themselves with its potential. Quintessence hold the energies and qualities of the Ascended Masters. By using them they can help to energetically invoke these qualities of the ascended master within you and get in touch with the inner master of yourself. Each quintessence has specific corresponding equilibrium bottles.

The Colour Essence

These too relate to the colour rays in the aura soma system but not specific bottles. They carry the energetic qualities of the colour themselves. They have a centering qualities assisting us in being practical and to help ground our creativeness upon the world. They are applied directly to the body and skin at the pulse points. These are only for external use.

The Archangelio Sprays

Archangelio sprays are sprayed within the aura to ignite the vibration of their corresponding angels into our energetic field. These are designed to energetically help us release conditioned patterns and stimulate dormant seeds that are very significant for the higher plan on the earth. They are ideal to use during points of transition, they allow inner guidance to be seen by the individual and assist us in becoming aware of our greater plan.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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