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Mantra Mala - “Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama”

‘Om and victory to Rama (the self within) victory, victory to Rama’ this mantra can help with taking oneself across the ocean of rebirth. It is the most powerful in reducing karmic effects and negative emotions. It’s ideal for those who are trying to release fear, anger and other forms of negative emotions that can lower an individuals vibration.

This Mala contains 6mm, 8mm and 10mm high quality genuine gemstones. Which include

Howlite - an ideal crystal for meditation and is an extremely calming crystal that helps to reduce an overactive mind. It’s used for accessing spiritual dimension, opening the individual to attunements and opening the mind to receive wisdom. It has the ability to reduce anger and turbulent emotions.

Amethyst - a high vibrational crystal which is a natural tranquilizer and removes negative emotions, calms the mind and helps to bring understanding through tranquility. It helps to dispel negative emotions like anger, grief, fear, anxiety and alleviates sadness. It also assist in higher states of consciousness and supports meditation.

Blue Apatite - works with both the past and the future. It promotes a humanitarian and services mindset and can assist in accessing information that is beneficial for the collective well being. It deepens spiritual, psychic awareness and meditation practices and draws away negativity about oneself or others. It helps the individual in easing emotions like sorrow, anger, irritability, emotional exhaustion and frustration.

Chrysoprase - teaches one to be divinely whole. Helps to increase deeper meditative states and promotes truth on all levels with oneself and others. It helps to look at ones ego and opposes negative judgement enhancing acceptance, forgiveness and compassion to the self and others. Red Jasper - the supreme nurturer which can be of assistance when dealing with stress, worry and discord. It brings in tranquility, wholeness and support. It absorbs negative energies and aligns the chakras, balances the yin/yang aspects within and assisting with rebirth. It encourages honesty with yourself and others and rectifies unjust situations. Extremely calming on the emotions and strengthens an individuals boundaries so they don’t become easily overwhelmed.

Labradorite - a highly mystical and galactic stone it is the bringer of light helping the individual with connecting to universal energies. It helps to protect the aura, removes unwanted and prevents negative energies from entering ones energy fields. It hold esoteric wisdom and helps to ground the spiritual energies to earth. It banishes fear, insecurities and psychic debris from disappointments and unrealistic expectations which can be embedded from this or past lives. It helps to calm an overactive mind, dispels illusion encouraging inner wisdom, rationality and balance. It has the ability to bring up suppressed memories so they may be let go and transmuted allowing for transformation and soul ascension.

Clear Quartz - a master healer, enhances all other crystals and contains all colour rays for healing and rebirth.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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