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The Magic of transforming bottles

Transforming bottles are a magical occurrence with the Aura Soma Equilibrium oils. This bottle has been transforming for months now, so, I’ll tell you a little of the story behind its occurrence.

I had hit a confusing moment in my life, I had filled my mind with knowledge and enabled myself with new skills and I had no idea how to bring it all together and I was somewhat fearful that it would all work out successfully. So I wished to work with a new bottle, I figured I had a block and it was something deep within me that was causing this block and confusion.

I decided to consult the beings of the equilibrium oils. At the time of consulting them I sat in front greeting them in my sacred manner, I meditated and asked that one move forward from the row and reveal itself to me.

Every day I checked, everyday none had moved from their position. Every day I was disappointed, even though each day I had ever hopeful feelings and continued to check them each day.

I continued my usual behavior with the equilibrium oils, every week I play them music, I sing and hum to them, talk to them and sit in silence with them, I always find this a calming process and found it helped me even more with my confusion and block I was experiencing. One week I noticed the beginning of a transforming bottle, it had started its process of this very slowly and created a small mountain in the top fraction. As each week went by this transformation grew more and more like a cloud in the top fraction. I said one time when observing it “I wonder who you are transforming for? I’m sure they will show themselves soon enough! It will be interesting to see who it is”. Time and time again I have has bottles transform and people walk through for a consultation and the transformed bottle is the bottle they take home with them, so I was excited to see who would be working with this being.

As time went on I continued my daily checking, hoping and waiting for one of them to move from its position. Until one day I sighed and thought “oh well, maybe it’s not so magical after all!” Already being in a state of confusion and having both physical and energetic symptoms of cloudiness and clogginess in my brow/third eye and sinus. I let it go, it was only adding to my frustration. Each time I sat with the oils I was still ever hopeful inside that I would be proven wrong. I’d get all excited inside to only see that nothing has presented itself.

A month or so went by after finally deciding to truly let it go and stating to myself “come on you know the universe will show you when the time is right”. I stopped checking and stopped waiting for the sign and somewhat disheartened to be completely honest.

Another couple weeks had passed and I attend a local Aura Soma share day. By this time I was feeling foggy and forgetful EVERYDAY in my mind to the point it was creating great frustration within myself and towards others. During the share day we paired and looked at each other’s selections and discussed in depth together how they made us feel. During this process I noted to my partner that 107 was in fact doing the exact same thing in my oils in the top fraction. It had created a near identical “cloud” in the top fraction in a complete different persons set of oils. It was like they were talking and reflecting each other at a great distance linked energetically to work cohesively together. When it came to answering the question which bottle I would take home if I was to pick one, it was like 107 shot out at me energetically, it glowed brighter and brighter almost like it shone differently to the other bottles in my selection, even though it had a gentle and nurturing feel to it. It was in that moment that the penny dropped! I picked up the bottle and said “I’d work with this one, when I get home I am going to grab the one from my set and work with it I think.”

The next day after picking my children up from school, I went and collected 107 off the shelf. As soon as I picked it up I looked at it and noted the “cloud” had grown even bigger. I stated to the being “ok, I got the message now, took me long enough!” I sat outside with my bottle to enjoy the warmth of the first glorious sunny day in August. It was almost like the being in the bottle was a playful child leaping with joy that it was outside in the sunlight. I raised the bottle to the sun and was shocked to see that the “cloud” had completely disappeared!

Having this occurrence happen to me, it future implemented that it is not that we need to see it to believe it….it is that we need to believe it to see it!

© Homestead Healing Centre

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