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Crow Mala

Created on the full moon in Scorpio, the first full moon that marks the midway point of Autumn signaling that the Winter solstice is not far away, which is the strongest and most potent time to work with crow and its energy. The longest night will soon grace us with its presence. Just like the crow who is as black as night and guides travelling souls as they pass from one world to the next, it is likened to the night itself who gives birth to the day. The crow helps one to bring light out of the darkness. It is the protector of the worlds in between, the maternal blackness from which all creation is born. The crow is surrounded with magic, deep inner transformation through the darkness within and facing what lies in the depths of the shadow.

This Mala contains 6mm, 8mm and 10mm genuine gemstones of

Black Onyx - used to help see in the darkness, giving birth to the light. It aligns the individual with higher powers and higher guidance. It imparts personal strength and assists them with accessing the memories of the past making it ideal for past life work and connecting with past lives that occurred in worlds long ago. It helps to work on the traumas and injury’s that are affecting the present moment and life which are embedded from the past and preventing the light from shining. It helps to alleviate old grief and sorrows bringing in a stable energy through self control. All things that are needed when working ones way through the darkness.

Lapis Lazuli - stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work, psychic ability and assists in shamanic journeying to non ordinary reality. The ideal crystal to use when wanting to work with and connect to spiritual guides and ones spirit animal. It has a strong ability to reverse curses, disease and blockages from past lives and harmonizes emotional, mental and spiritual aspects within the individual. It helps with guiding and supporting the individual in deep inner self knowledge and enlightenment as well as revealing inner truth, self awareness, honesty, compassion towards oneself and the darkness they carry.

Lava Stone - giving strength courage and stability through change. A crystal of birth and fertility so that one may birth lightness out of the dark. It teaches the importance of depth, intensity and seeing through such times in ones life to get to the change that is really wanted. It assists the individual with inner strength to overcome all personal challenges and when one is feeling alone and in the dark. Being lava it holds the energy of fire, helping to find ones own inner fire that lights the way through darkness. It supports the fire and heat that is needed to release attachments and unnecessary emotions so that one may feel lighter.

Carnelian - supports and enhances the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. It removes fear that is associated with death and transitions through changes and circumstances in life. It encourages the inner flames and fire to keep burning bright; bringing in clarity to ones perceptions. A powerful crystal to help with meditation and helps bring what you discover in the darkness back to reality.

© Homestead Healing Centre

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